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Since we are a custom handmade boot shop, we do not use catalogs or sell our boot directly from our site. Since the design of our boots is unique to each customer, we want all our customers to come to the shop or call us so we can begin to help you with the design of your boots.

After the initial consultation or design the boot price will be provided to serious customers. When an order is placed, you are required to deposit three-quarters of the cost of your boots. The balance, including shipping costs, insurance, and applicable taxes or duties will be due before the boots are shipped. We generally ship using UPS (United Parcel Service) - so we will need an actual physical address. Shipping charges vary - we will check and get back to you on shipping charges.

The first step in the ordering process is taking your custom measurements and foot impressions. After that, we can walk you through the rest! NOTE: If you cannot come to the shop to be measured we will send you a measuring and a Bio-Foam foot impression kit. The complete kit includes a self-mailing box and instructions for use. Bio-Foam is a compressible foam, engineered for accurate foot modeling. The foam accurately captures and reproduces the bottom surface of your foot in only minutes. If you like, your bootmaker can arrange a video conference (such as Skype) to walk you through the measuring process.

The second step in the ordering process is designing your boots. The design process includes selecting your vamps and boot tops, toe and heel shapes, leather and art work. The design process is a wonderful adventure that can be done in the boot shop and or online.

Those interested in further information can contact us by: Phone - 508-853-0702 Or Email – Or write us at – Blackstone River Boots, 18 Westover Rd. Worcester, MA. 01606

Phone consultations are recommended for boot type, design and pricing information. In-person consultations are recommended for measuring, fitting and final design. Online consultations (Skype) can be used to help with measuring, initial and final design. We normally answer all inquiries within a 24 hour period on Monday thru Saturday.

MEASUREMENTS These are the measurements that need to be taken.

Please take a moment and review our "How To" measuring video:


Wear the type of sock that you usually wear with boots.

Use a thin cloth tape with a Metric Scale.

Your measurements will be in centimeters and tenth of centimeters (a tenth of a centimeter is also known as a millimeter). For example, in 32.5 cm means there are thirty two centimeters and five millimeters or (thirty two point 5 centimeters). Do not try to take your own measurements, have someone else take them.

The measurements need to be taken while sitting with your foot off the floor. Cross your foot over your leg at the knee, like a lady.

1. BALL - The first measurement is taken at the widest part of the foot (See figure 1.). You will notice the tape is at a slight angle. To read hold the tape snug and then relax the tape 2 tenths of a center-meter (Also called 2 millimeters). cm
2. WAIST –The waist is just behind the ball of the foot. It goes in a little and is very soft. Again, to read hold the tape snug and then relax the tape 2 tenths of a centimeter (Also called 2 millimeters). Note: Take all your measurements this way; snug than relax the tape 2 tenths of a centimeter (2 millimeters) cm
3. INSTEP –The instep measurement goes over two prominent bones. The first bone is located near the inside (medial) and top of the foot. It is the highest bone of the midfoot. The second is the cuboid a prominent bone on the outside of the foot (Lateral) at the end of the 5th metatarsal. The tape should crossover both these bones. cm
4. SHORT HEEL – The short heel measurement goes around the widest part of the heel and the narrowest part of the angle. cm
5. LONG HEEL – The long heel measurement also goes around the widest part of the heel then back to the point you used for the instep measurement at the highest bone on top of the foot. cm
6. THE CALF – The calf measurement is taken seated back in the chair with both feet on the floor. Your legs should be straight up and down and bent at the knees. If you normally wear your jeans tucked into your boots,and then take the calf measurement over your jeans. If not, take the calf measurement over your bare leg. Measure from the ground up to the fullest or thickest part of the calf. Record this height, and then measure the calf at this point. cm
7. FOOT TRACING - Seated just as you did for the calf measurement, place your foot on print paper (legal size if needed). Using a short pencil (about 3 inches long) trace around the foot - being careful to keep the pencil straight up and down. See figure 2. cm
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If Bio-Foam is used, please follow the instructions contained in the box.

There is no comparison between our beautiful bespoke (handmade) custom cowboy boots to “off the shelf store” bought boots.

Because “Off the shelf” boots are mass produced they must give up construction and material quality for the speed of machine production. In addition they use a one size fits all last. The so called handmade boots of large production cowboy boot companies are partially made by machines, computer and assembly line workers doing just one step of the boot making process. Our last are one of kind made from your measurements and foot impressions. Blackstone River Boots are one of kind made by hand from start to finish by one bootmaker.