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Cowboy Boot Repair and Restoration.

Professional Boot Repair


Cowboy Boot Repair and Restoration.

Because we make cowboy boots, when you have us repair or restore your boots you can be assured that we use the old traditional methods and the high quality materials required. For example, a typical shoe repair shop uses one flat iron last in your boots during repairs; this results in the sides of your vamp (footsides) being stretchedout and weakened during the process. We use the exact 3 dimensional wooden or plastic last size that fills your boots completely- guarantying the original fit and durability.

Whether you bring your boots to Blackstone River Boots or mail them to us, upon arrival we will make a complete inspection of your boots and determine what repairs are needed or what vintage boot restoration procedures are required to make your boots look like new.

We will determine the cost to repair your boots or if we are restoring your old vintage boots, we will estimate the cost of restoration. We will contact you for approval to proceed with repairs or restoration of your boots.

Repairs are usually returned to you in 10 business days or less. The length of time required to complete restorations will be estimated after the initial inspection.

Dealing with Blackstone River Boots for your repairs or restoration is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1.Ship us your boots needing repair or restoration. Be sure to include your name, shipping address with area code, email and or telephone number.

2. After our initial inspection, we will contact you to discuss your repairs or restoration, give you a cost quote for repairs or an estimate for restoration.

3. Upon your approval, we will take your credit card number over the phone, complete the repairs or restoration and send your boots back to you. If you do wish to proceed, we will send them back to you at your cost.


There is no comparison between our beautiful bespoke (handmade) custom cowboy boots to “off the shelf store” bought boots.

Because “Off the shelf” boots are mass produced they must give up construction and material quality for the speed of machine production. In addition they use a one size fits all last. The so called handmade boots of large production cowboy boot companies are partially made by machines, computer and assembly line workers doing just one step of the boot making process. Our last are one of kind made from your measurements and foot impressions. Blackstone River Boots are one of kind made by hand from start to finish by one bootmaker.