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Welcome to the Blackstone River Boots website...
Custom handmade cowboy boots.

Blackstone River Boots are one of a kind,
made by hand from start to finish,
by one bootmaker.


About "DB" aka Don Brown (Bootmaker).

D.B. started working making boots for H. H. Brown Co. as a teenager in 1961.
He started making custom leather sandals, pocket books and belts in 1965.
In 1968 D.B. moved to Washington State and began making bridles, reins and repairing saddles.
In 1972 he began to make chaps and saddles for the Circle M Saddle Shop in VA.
D.B. opened his own saddle shop in VA. In 1975.
In 1993, D.B. returned to his first love making boots. After studying cowboy boot making in Vernal Utah, he studied legendary bootmaker D.W. Frommer’s cowboy boot making methods and refined his skills. Also, he has studied with world renowned cowboy bootmaker Lisa Sorrell in Guthrie Oklahoma. In addition to making boots, D.B. also rides and dances in his boots. In 2015 he won the Arthur Murray Dance Competition for both Ballroom and Couples Country Dancing.


There is no comparison between our beautiful bespoke (handmade) custom cowboy boots to “off the shelf store” bought boots.

Because “Off the shelf” boots are mass produced they must give up construction and material quality for the speed of machine production. In addition they use a one size fits all last. The so called handmade boots of large production cowboy boot companies are partially made by machines, computer and assembly line workers doing just one step of the boot making process. Our last are one of kind made from your measurements and foot impressions. Blackstone River Boots are one of kind made by hand from start to finish by one bootmaker.